West Course Details   

In contrast to the East Course, the West Course has a manicured look with a park like setting including 

rolling hills, wooded areas, lakes and waterfalls. The course ranges form 5215 yards long (red tees) to 6813 yards long (blue tees) and has a course rating of 72.7 with a slope of 128. 

Although the course has hosted numerous championship events and golf tournaments in Memphis, the four sets of tees and layout provide an excellent course for every level of skill. This is the preferred course of the majority of our members and is one of the best golf courses in Memphis golf.


The greens are similar to some of the modern designs: 5500 to 6500 square feet, contoured shape, undulations throughout, surrounded by mounds and well guarded by gently sloping sod faced bunkers. The grass is "Champion" bermudagrass and is maintained at a speed of 10' to 11' on the stimpmeter. The West Course greens provide an excellent challenge to all levels of golfers.

The fairways on the West Course are slightly wider than the East course and because of the dual row irrigation system, they are usually slightly denser providing an excellent stand of turf. As on the East the grass variety is Tifway 419 Bermuda. The average fairway width on the West Course is 35 yards. The fairways are mowed every other day using lightweight hydraulic reel mowers at a height of 1/2" to 1" depending on the season. The West Course fairways are consistently regarded as some of the best in the area and the West Course is considered one of the best golf courses in Memphis.

For questions concerning the West Course, contact Head Superintendent Luke Hankins (901.754.6602).

East Course Details

The East Course has a natural look in a rural setting including ditches, trees, lakes, low lying areas and several natural wildlife sanctuaries. The course ranges from 5273 yards long (red tees) to 7209 yards long (black tees) and has a course rating of 75.0 with a slope of 134. Because of the treacherous greens, narrow fairways, and numerous hazards this has been the preferred course of the majority of the local and state championships held at Windyke as well as numerous other golf tournaments in Memphis golf.

The greens are similar to some of the traditional designs of the late 1800's or early 1900's; 4500 to 5000 square feet, built up, generally sloping from back to front, and tilling off sharply from the collars. In addition each green is guarded by at least one bunker. The grass is Champion Bermuda and is maintained at a speed of 10' to 11' on the stimpmeter. The East Course greens provide an excellent challenge to even the best putters in the world.

Most of the fairways are tree lined with mature oaks, pines, and cypress trees planted in the early sixties. Other fairways are bordered by one of the six lakes strategically placed throughout the course. The fairways range in width from eighteen yards to forty yards with an average of thirty yards wide and are planted in a mature stand of Tifway 419 Bermuda. The fairways are contour mowed every other day with light weight hydraulic reel mowers at a height of 1/2" to 1" depending on the season. Windyke is known for having consistently good fairways year after year and the East Course is considered one of the best golf courses in Memphis.

For questions concerning the East Course, contact Head Superintendent Luke Hankins (901.754.6602).

Executive Course Details

The Executive Par Three course is the best place in the Southeast for beginners to learn to play the game of golf without being rushed or intimidated by others. Numerous juniors, ladies, and men have either learned to play there, or honed their skills on the way to becoming better golfers.

In fact, we have had city champions, state champions, and national champions grow up playing our par 3 course. On occasion you can still find them working on wedge, sand wedge and a variety of punch shots on The Windyke Par 3.

For questions concerning the Executive Par 3, contact Head Superintendent Luke Hankins (901.754.6602).





The Board of Directors and the Head Golf Professional must approve all weekend tournaments for members. Golf outings consisting of more than three guests will be considered tournaments. They must be approved and prearranged by the Head Golf Professional.

Weekday Guest Fee $63.16
Weekend - In Town Guest Fee $81.46
Weekend - Out of Town Guest Fee $72.31
Executive Weekday Fee $29.29
Executive Weekend Fee $47.60
9 Hole Weekday Guest Fee $63.16
Junior Guest Fee $29.29
Seasonal Weekday, Dec. - Feb. $47.60
Seasonal Weekend, Dec. - Feb. $47.60

Junior Guidelines

East or West Courses/Driving Range/East or West Putting Green:
Children under 6 years old are not permitted anytime. Children 6-11 years old must be chaperoned by and supervised by an adult. Children 12 years old and over may play alone with permission from the Pro Shop, but must be accompanied by an adult on the weekend. Children are not permitted to reserve starting times.

Par-3 Course:
Children under 6 years old are allowed only if directly supervised by an adult. Children 6-11 years old will be allowed to play without an adult, however, we highly recommend adult supervision. Children 12 years old and over may play anytime, unsupervised. The Par-3 Junior guest fee is $9.15 + tax and the adult guest fee is $13.73 + tax.

Handicap Service

Each Full and Weekday member is charged $35 per year for the handicap service. Secondary family members and Executive members may take advantage of this service by paying an additional fee. The fee for junior golfers (17 and under) is $18.

Club Care & Storage

Club care and storage is available in the Pro Shop. When you arrive at the course for a round of golf, your clubs will be placed on the bag rack for you. After your round, your clubs will be cleaned and stored until your next visit, plus you will always be provided with a Windyke golf towel for use on the course. Your clubs will be fully insured against theft and fire while they are within the club storage area. If you need to take your clubs to another course, you can pick them up 364 days per year between 7:45 a.m. and dark. The only day we are closed is Christmas Day. The cost of this service is $130 + tax per year. Call the Pro Shop (901.754.7273) to reserve a space.

Golf Carts

Riding Carts

Rates 9 Holes 18 Holes
Double $16.48 $32.95
Single $8.24 $16.48

Pull Carts
Pull carts are allowed on all of our courses at Windyke. Before playing, those who use pull carts on the East and West courses (motorized included) will pay a pull cart trail fee (both personal and club owned). The trail fee is $5.49 + Tax for 18 holes and $3.66 + Tax for 9 holes.

Driving Range

Our driving range is available to members and their guests. A regularly maintained grass tee is available to hit from in the spring, summer and fall. It is replaced in the winter with the best artificial mats available. It is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until dark and on weekends from dawn until dark. Monday and Thursday are clean-up and general maintenance days. Therefore, the range closes early on Monday and some Thursdays. The closing time on theses days varies throughout the year, but generally is 90 minutes before sunset. Call the Pro Shop(901.754.7273) for up-to-date details.

Range balls are included in all member dues except for tennis only memberships.

Tournament Information

Windyke Country Club is committed to providing a wide assortment of exciting golf tournaments for its members. Windyke has all of the standard country club events such as Member-Member, Member-Guest and many more that one would expect plus other great events unique to Windyke. We provide events that cater to all levels of players within the same event with the use of our handicapping
and/or flighting system. 


Windyke Cup Rules
Windyke Cup Points



2017 Tournament Schedule

**To Be Announced**

2016 Tournament Schedule

IronMan Scramble
Triple Format
Member Member
Member Guest
Red, White and Blue Scramble
Par 3 Open
Stroke Play Championship and CC Qualifier
Jr. Club Championship
Senior Club Championship
Club Championship
President’s Cup
Turkey Day Scramble
February 27
April 9
May 14-15
June 16-18
July 4
July 16
July 30-31
August 6-7
August 13-14
August 20-21
September 10-11
October 29-30
November 25

2016 Tournament Results

Turkey Day 

IronMan Scramble

Triple Format



Red, White & Blue Scramble

Senior Club Championship

Ladies Club Championship

Club Championship-Champion Flight Bracket
Club Championship-First Flight Bracket
Club Championship-Second Flight Bracket
Club Championship-Third Flight Bracket
Club Championship-Fourth Flight Bracket

Dykema Tournament

2015 Tournament Results

Iron Man

Triple Format

Red, White and Blue

2013 Tournament Results

Turkey Day


Ladies Club Championship

Men's Club Championship Final Brackets

Junior Club Championship

Stroke Play Championship

Senior Club Championship

Par 3 Open

Iron Man

Triple Format

Member Member

Member Guest

Red, White and Blue Scramble

Mens League


Last year was the eighth year for our very successful Tuesday Night Men’s Group. This year promises to be the biggest and best one yet with some exciting new changes to the formatting.
NEW FOR 2016!!!!!!!!!
The formats will remain similar to last year while adding a new division. For several years we have been flighting the event so that players were only competing against players of similar abilities. Due to the success of the flighting we are going one step further. We are going to have a scratch division this year. The formats will closely follow the regular formats, but there will be no handicap involved. The purpose of this is to not only attract more players but to also allow more players to feel as if they have a great chance of competing no matter their handicap. This will strictly be a voluntary flight so you will have to sign up for it each week and can go back and forth if you choose between the scratch flight and the other flights. There will be a 6.9 and below index suggested to play in this flight and all players will play from the gold tees regardless of age. This was something that was asked for by players already playing in Men’s Night and we hope that those interested will not only participate, but get their friends who have not played in Men’s Night before to play as well.
This year we will again award points for playing and for finishing “in the money.” We will then keep up with the points and post them to our website so that you can track your progress. We will use $1 of each player’s weekly entry fee to build a pot that will be awarded to the top 20 players after the season is over at the final event, which will be held on Sunday, October 9th.
One of the reasons that we feel we were so successful is there is no league to join and you did not have to play in every event to win. This will still be the case with 95% of the weekly entry fee going directly to that week’s event.
So if you are a new member or have been around since the trees were planted, this will be a great time for you to come out and meet other Windyke members or maybe find a new group to play with during other times of the week. We again will be making the pairings each week so sign up will be strictly individual. One of the main reasons for starting this group is for members to meet other members and get out of the routine of playing with the same old group each week.
A few of the most important points are listed below:
·         “Pre-Season” play will start March 15at 5:00. We also will allow you to bring a guest that night. We hope that this will allow you to show your family, friends or co-workers why you chose Windyke. The cost for this night will be $20 for members and $30 for guests. Food not included but we hope that you and your guest will stay for dinner.
·         Tuesdays at 5:30 for the majority of the season
·         Call to sign up by 3:00 on the Tuesday that you wish to play
·         Official play with points March 29 –October 4 with the Final being on October 9th
·         $20 per week to play including cart and prizes 
·         Prizes paid out each week
·         Windyke pro shop staff to make pairings each week
·         Points race for a year-long champion
·         Optional dinner while you wait for prizes
·         Lots of fun!
This group is a huge success because of your feedback and your commitment to support it. In order to keep it successful we will again need your support and participation. We also need you to tell your friends so that this group will continue to grow. 

Brent Ratliff
 2016 Men's Night Points
2015 Men's Night Points

Men’s Night 2016

  • March 29 – 3 Man 2 Low Net
  • April 5 – 3 Man Scramble
  • April 12 – 3 Man 1 Low Net
  • April 19 – Individual Net Flighted
  • April 26 – Triple Format
  • May 3 – Individual Move A Tee
  • May 10 – 3 Tee
  • May 17 – Guest Night 2 Man 1 Low Net
  • May 24 – Par 3 Tournament on West Course
  • May 31 – Double Points 2 Man Scramble
  • June 7 – Tip & Tuck
  • June 14 – 3 Man – 1 Low 1 High Net
  • June 21 – 1 Man Scramble Flighted (2 extra shots per hole)
  • June 28 – Guest Night – 2 Man – 1 Low Net with 3 Tee
  • July 5 – Cross Country
  • July 12 – Individual Net – Flighted
  • July 19 – Double Points – Stableford
  • July 26 – 3 Man 1 Low on Par 5’s / 3 Man 2 Low on Par 4’s / 3 Man 3 Low on Par 3’s
  • August2 – Individual Net
  • August 9 – 2 Man Modified Alternate Shot
  • August 16 – Hot Dog OR Steak Match Play
  • August 23 – 2 Man Scramble
  • August 30 – Guest Night – 2 Man – 1 Low Net
  • September 6 – 3 Man Scramble – Each Players Tee Shot Used 3 Times
  • September 13 – Individual Net 3 Tee
  • September 20 – 3 Man 3 Low Net
  • September 27 - 3 Man Scramble
  • October 2 – 2 Man Scramble
  • October 9 – Triple Participation – Double Winning – Individual 3 Different Formats
    1. 6 Holes – Individual Net
    2. 6 Holes – 1 Man Scramble (2 Extra Shots Per Hole)
    3. 6 Holes – 3 Tee



Ladies League