Mr. Earl Dykema began his golfing career in the mid-30s. Because of his immediate love for the game, he and three other partners bought property near Lamar and Prescott and built Cherokee Golf Course. Over time Mr. Dykema bought out the other partners and became the sole owner.

In 1962 Mr. Dykema sold Cherokee Golf Course to subdivision developers for nearly $1 million. Close financial advisors urged him to invest his money and retire, but because of his love for golf, Mr. Dykema could not sit still. In fact, two years earlier he had already begun an aggressive project to develop 375 acres 20 miles out on Winchester Road which is the current Windyke property.

At the rate of $1,000 per day and 12 to 18 hours work daily, Mr. Dykema began to build what was at that time called "the most ambitious and extensive golf course project ever undertaken by one man." Most people, who are successful in the golf business, have a passion for the game. This passion is different from a passion for playing. The golf business person loves the game so much that he or she wants to share it with others. Windyke is and always has been the evidence that Mr. Dykema had this passion.

One of Mr. Dykema’s desires for Windyke was for the courses to be true tests of golf. We have held every major Junior, Ladies, Amateur, and Professional tournament in the state at one of these two courses. At the same time, the courses are playable for average golfers in each of these same divisions.

Mr. Dykema also wanted a place of unsurpassed beauty. He planted hundreds of trees that are now full, mature, and majestic monuments on the course. The tees, greens and fairways today are as full and beautiful as they have ever been.

Mr. Dykema had the intention of building a country club that families (affordable and inclusive, not expensive and exclusive), could enjoy. This is exactly what Windyke Country Club has become today. There are over 1,000 families who enjoy this club as regular, executive, or tennis members. In fact, Mr. Dykema's own words were, "I think we will develop some fine young golfers out here." To this day we strive to be a family friendly place and have the tool in our par three course to accomplish this goal. Nearly every pro, architect, superintendent or golf commentator says, "We need to promote junior golf," but they are unwilling to invest their dollars in it. Mr. Dykema was way ahead of his time by building a course for junior to play.

In 1992 the Garner family purchased Windyke Country Club from the estate of Mr. Dykema. This family continues to own 100% of the company. Their goal is to provide an unparalleled value in each area of service and product offered at the club. It is our philosophy to offer a continuation of service, products, and pricing as to entice and attract members in such a way that our club remains full, vibrant, and constantly improving. Unlike most privately owned clubs, our owners are present, ensuring that day-to-day operations continue to meet and exceed the tradition of value begun nearly half a century ago.

Our mission statement at Windyke Country Club is to provide a high-quality, family-oriented recreational facility within a country club setting. We will achieve this goal by providing facilities and services whose value exceeds the expectations of our members, customers, employees, and owners.

We will employ only the highest quality personnel and operate to the highest standard possible. We will run our operations as professionally and ethically as possible. Dedication and loyalty to the organization as well as a strong work ethic and a goal toward excellence and service are qualities we feel our employees should possess. Every phase of our operation should be considered a model for any club operation in the country.

Windyke Country Club is directed toward member satisfaction. Member service at Windyke will be maintained to a very high degree. The enjoyment of the membership and the creation of a total golf and country club environment is the ultimate goal of our organization.

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