Windyke Golf Academy
What goes into an impactful junior golf academy?  I believe a new program must becomprehensive in its training of children to adulthood.  It has to have a rich education.
Another goal is to communicate the vision to the students and the parents.  The program must inspire participation. 

Part I: Creating Curriculum:
Comprehensive Training- This term means that children will receive age appropriate instruction beginning from pre-school to college graduate.  Comprehensive training also means that students will be trained physically and mentally.  Physical training includes golf swing technique, practice habits, and strength/flexibility training.  Mental training includes character building, dealing with failure and success properly, etiquette, sportsmanship, goal setting, and a view of development in golf as a bi-product of understanding oneself.
Rich Education- The training at the academy will have four objectives: physical strength/power, mental toughness/purpose, disciplined practice/preparation, and professionalism/sportsmanship.
Part II: Generating Participation:
Communicating the Vision- The success of the academy depends upon the quality of the comprehensive training and the communication of the vision to the students and the parents.  If the vision is captured by the student, dedication and development will occur.  If the vision is captured by the parent, commitment and support are ensured.  Student excitement is necessary for the growth of the academy and parental support provides the resources for it to grow. 
Inspired Participation- The rich education must be applied in the fun framework that encourages youth to continue the process.  Although a personal love for the game is essential in every student, the coach must encourage the students with a creative incentive program.
Part I: Creating Curriculum- The curriculum I put forth consists of training in four categories: physical strength(Power); mental toughness(Purpose); Sportsmanship(Priniciple); and disciplince practice(Preparation).  These four P’s constitute the academy curriculum.

  1. Power/Physical Strength- This aspect will be age appropriate training as defined by the Titleist Performance Institute.  It includes challenge metrics to inspire youth to reach athletic goals.  For older youth, exercises such as vertical leap, medicine ball toss, tire flip, bench press, sit-ups, weight lifting goals, etc. challenge them to grow athletically.  Younger students will be trained with agility drills to improve athleticism: throwing, Frisbee tosses, changing direction, jumping, running, skipping, etc. 

Students will also be tested physically on their golf swing(this training increases with age).  Categories will include areas like club head/ball speed, relative distance gained, body rotation tests, shaping shots, and of course, all the technical training that fills most golf lessons today.

  1. Purpose/Mental Toughness- This aspect emphasizes the character of the individual.  It heavily tests the attitude of the player in such areas as: gratitude, love of the game, discipline, work ethic, perseverance, self- talk, tenacity, perspective, faith, confidence, identity, and purpose.  It also includes more tangible areas like course management, goal setting, and expectations.
  2. Preparation/Disciplined Practice- The goal of this objective is to instill purposeful habits into each player.  We teach how to practice, what to practice, and when to practice.  Full of challenge games and goal setting for improvement.  Practice training regimens assigned to each student.
  3. Principle/Sportsmanship - This area deals with rules mastery and sportsmanship.  It talks about leadership.  It speaks to individual and team responsibilities and how to show integrity in competition.  This section has a usga rules test associated with its completion.
Curriculum written and taught by:
Brock Shafer
Director of Instruction

Junior Lessons

Junior Individual Instruction

Junior Lesson Pack
Single Lesson, 40 min: $75
Add Additional Student: $20 per lesson
Add a video lesson save feature, a K-Vest session, T.O.M.I. putting, or a TPI screen to a Lesson: $10

Private Lesson Series
3-Pack: $210
Tech 5-Pack: $375
6-Pack: $395

*Lessons can include use of V1 Pro Video System, if requested. Lessons can be taken at the range, the short game area, the putting green, indoor video center, or on the course. The Tech 5-Pack includes: two video lessons with summary to web, two K-Vest motion analysis sessions, and a T.O.M.I. putting lesson*
Call the Golf Shop to schedule individual instruction, 901.755.3160

Adult Group Learning Schedule

Get Golf Ready

This program is designed by the PGA of America to help non-golfers get into the sport. Class covers golf terminology, rules, etiquette, swing fundamentals and fun on-course activities. No clubs or experience necessary. Great for those who have an interest in the sport, but are not sure how to get started. Can be condensed to a one day 2 hour class for business groupds ($50/student).

Three day-5 hour courses ($99/student or $89 for members)

Class #2 Saturdays: May 12, 19, noon-2pm, May 26, noon-1pm
Class#3 Saturdays: June 30, July 7 noon-2pm, July 14th, noon 1pm
Class #4 Saturdays: September 8 and 15, noon-2pm, Sept. 22, noon-1pm

Junior Clinics


Register Here for Clinics

The Windyke Junior Golf Program is ramping up for another season of golf activities.  This summer we will be offering 4 levels of group instruction for juniors: introductory(ages 4-7), beginner (ages 6-10), intermediate (ages 9-13), and advanced(12-18).


1 Hour S.N.A.G. Clinics (Ages 4-7)

These clinics run during the spring to help junior golfers start of the year right.  $25/session or 5/$99
Ages 4-7 S.N.A.G.(Starting New At Golf) program with large plastic clubs and fun games.
Periodic Saturdays in the short game area from 8:30- 9:30 am:  4/7, 4/21, 5/5, 5/19, 6/2, 6/16, 6/30, 7/14, 9/8, 9/22, 10/6, 10/20.  Call the pro shop to sign up.

Find out more about S.N.A.G. here!


Summer Junior Clinics


5- Day Beginner/Intermediate Clinics: Ages 5-10

May 28-June 1, June 11-15, June 18-22, July 2-6, June 18-22, July 9-13, July 16-20.
Classes run Monday- Friday, 8:30am to 10 am. Full swing, chipping and putting training every day. On-course play, too. Camp gift at conclusion. 7.5 hours of instruction, $99 for members and $119 for non-members.

5-Day Intermediate Clinics: Ages 9-13
 May 28- June1, June 11-15, June 19-23, July 2-6, July 9-13, July 16-20
Classes run Monday-Friday from 10:15am to 12pm. Full swing, chipping, and putting training every day. On course play, too! Detailed online evalulation video included. Camp gift at conclusion. 8.75 hours of instruction, $129 for members and $149 for non-members. 

5-Day Advanced Clinics: Ages 12-17

June 4-8 (camp will spectate at the St. Jude on the 8th ticket included!); July 30- August 3
Classes run Monday-Friday from 8:30am to noon. This longer camp allows for more intense training that includes a week-long praictice regimen that can shape practice habits for a lifetime. Detailed online swing evaluation video. Develomental skills challenges that covers putting, short game and full swing. On-course play. Lots of fun and games. Nice camp gift. 17.5 hours of instruction, $249 for members and $279 for non-members. Smaller group allows for more intense training that includes a week-long practice regimen that can shape practice habits for a lifetime. Detailed online swing evaluation video. Mental toughness training. On-course play. Camp gift. 17.5 hours of instruction, $249 for members and $279 for non members




Windyke Junior League   

This extremely popular program allows children with minimal moderate experience to enjoy golf competition. This program is geared for Junior ages 5-12 to participate in a team environment much like youth soccer or little league baseball. All sports need a play component to compliment all the practice. This is it! Matches are enjoyed in a two-person scramble format (very user friendly and a high amount of fun) Three seasons: Spring, Summer and Fall. Do not miss this opportunity for your child to expereince team golf. Each player will have the opportunity to participate in a minimum of 3 practices and 6 matches over the season. Spring and Fall seasons only $100. Summer season costs $175 and covers team jersey and awards pool party. Brock Shafer, our director of instruction, is the program director and will facilitate all matches at the Par 3. 

Overnight Camps 2018

Register Here for Overnight

Overnight Golf Camps: Ages 8 and Up

Session Dates and Tuition
The fun really begins! Stay on site at Windyke Par 3 house. Glow ball golf, fishing, swimming, pizza party, camp fire and more!!
Friday: May 25-Saturday 26 (Schools Out)
Friday: June 30-Saturday July 1 (Summer Fun)
Friday: July 20-Saturday 21 (Last chance before school)

Check in at 2pm and check out at 10am the following morning. Dinner and breakfast included. $150 for Member- $175 Non Member. most Sign up individually, but also great for golf teams or groups of friends. Golf experience not necessary. Groups of 6+ can pick their own date!

Call the Golf Shop at 901.755.3160 to register.

Click here for further information about how to help your junior develop!


The junior on-course program has fun playing opportunities for all ages and abilities.  Playing golf is crucial to a players development and keeps them excited about the game.  Great fun and friendly tournaments every Wednesday from late May to early August.  Ages 6-13 at the par three course at noon.  Ages 12-18 on the championship courses at 3 pm.  These tournaments provide an outlet for juniors to apply their training with on-course event with kids of similar age and ability.  Even more fun is the opportunity to win 'Brock's Bucks' for the participation and performance.  This play money is legal tender in our pro shop.  Check out the kids section for fun golf merchandise.

 If you are looking for a team experience similar to that of youth soccer or baseball, try the Windyke Junior League!(see 'Windyke Junior League' tab)  Juniors are assigned to a team with a Windyke golf pro as a coach.  Players receive a team polo and compete against other Windyke teams.  The two-person scramble format makes it easy and fun to participate. 

As you can see, junior ages 5-18 have the opportunity to get on the golf course at Windyke, and this is not always the case at some country clubs.  Get involved today!


Register Here for Playdays


High Noon Junior Play-Days:
Wednesdays, May 30– July 25(rain makeup Aug 1)  Noon- 2 pm.  9-hole shotgun with multiple formats of play.  Registration will be limited to the first 50 competitors.  Juniors in three age brackets will have the chance to compete for golf shop 'Brock' Bucks'.  All players receive at least three Brock's Bucks certificates.  Top five players in each age division are invited to a season ending Shoot-Out in early August where they can receive more Brock's Bucks.  The shoot-out takes place during our Junior Club Championship weekend.  Ages 6 – 13. $109 for members and $139 for non-members. 

 High School/Prep Play-Days:
Now on Wednesdays!~

Wednesday, May 30 - July. 25( rain makeup Aug 1).  3:00 p.m. start. 9-holes on championship course with multiple formats of play.  Registration will be limited to the first 40 competitors.  Juniors in two age/gender brackets will compete for golf shop certificates.  Summer long points race for participation and performance. Top five players in each division are invited to a season ending shoot-out where they receive a nice shop certicate for as much as $60.  Shoot-out is held in the first week of August during our Junior Club Championship weekend.  Ages 12 – 18. $149 for members and $229 for non-members.

Private Instruction For Juniors:
Junior Lesson Series (three 40 min lessons): $179
Junior Training Pack (ten 40 min. lessons): $499
Add Additional Student: $20 per Lesson
Parent/ Junior "Combo" Series (three 40 minute lessons): $239
Golf Team Training (1 hour/up to eight players): $99
Golf Team Training Pack (10 hours/up to eight players): $799
-team training course which includes: full swing, short game, putting mental approach, golf fitness, and "how to practice" course




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